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The Most Unique & Powerful Doula Course

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Work with pregnant women and babies without the paperwork and medical liability of a midwife

Autonomous practice

Become financially free with your own business

Level up with life coaching included on the course. Become the best version of you!

Understand evidence based practice

Become a certified Natural Birth Practitioner

Live out your calling and become empowered

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Understanding the psychology / physiology of Birth is CRITICAL for a successful birth and we teach you things you probably never even thought about before

Human Microbiome

How method of birth effects gut health & how to optimise microbiome seeding during birth

Supporting women in labour

How to emotionally & physically support women during labour. How every woman is different in their needs


Why is the word 'risk' triggering why it is unhelpful to label women 'high risk' Evidence based information to understand if someone truly is 'high risk'

Obstetric Scenarios

From ECV's (turning a breech baby) to instrumental delivery. Understand medical terminology and why certain scenarios play out


From cervical sweeps to c-sections, learn about why intervention occurs and is it really necessary?

Birth Physiology

Learn how the hormonal and mechanical roles of birth come together. Why birth should seldom 'go wrong' but why we see so many traumatic births in our society

Active listening

How to listen to your client so she knows how to help herself

How to set up a Doula business

How do you register self employed & where to start with marketing

A history of childbirth

How birth moved from home to hospital and why there are so many misconceptions about safety of birth

Human rights in childbirth

Understand the law, the NHS constitution and human rights to advocate for your client in a fear based maternity system

SEO Training

Basics of setting up a website and how to be found on google

6 Human Needs

Basic psychology of all humans. Why we act and behave the way we do and how we can implement this information to help others.

Changing your relationship with money to build a business

What is your relationship with money and where does it come from? The common misconception that money obstacles are external rather than internal


Why women choose to freebirth, the law and how to support this choice

There is no other course like it

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About When Push Comes To Shove

Created by Nickita Starck, When Push Comes To Shove is an EBE award nominated company. We work together with 'The World Council For Health' to build a better healthcare system worldwide

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We are the fastest growing 'alternative' maternity structure in the world!

With Birth Keepers/Doulas in 6 different countries, we are officially the alternative to the mainstream, fear based maternity system

About the course


Monday 23rd MAY - Thursday 26th May

12-3PM Daily



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Certified Course - You will receive a certificate after completion

Ongoing Mentorship for your first 5 births (no extra cost)

Telegram support group to interact with your peers

Automatic membership to our Birth Keeper Directory (No Fees)

Discounted access to top-up courses

Work oppotunity within When Push Comes To Shove (we frequently offer our Doulas work, although we cannot guarantee work flow we can guarantee a high number of enquiries within our organisation)

Do I need experience?

No. As we do not provide clinical training, previous experience is not necessary.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Please contact us if you wish to set up a payment plan

Can I work with other experienced Doulas while training

Yes. After the course you will be added to our birth worker telegram group. There you will be able to find other Doulas in your area who may be willing allow you to shadow them

How will I get work?

As well as teaching you how to set up a self employed business and provide tips & tricks, you will also have the opportunity to apply for jobs within When Push Comes To Shove as we receive a large number of enquires

Do I have to be vaccinated?

Absolutely not! Our demographic tend to prefer unvaccinated Birth Keepers, but we do not discriminate against anyone, their choices or beliefs.

I do not live in the UK, can I train with you?

Yes of course. All courses are on zoom so time difference pending, you can attend. We record all of our courses too so you can watch what you miss. Please research requirements in your country for practising as a Doula (if any) before enrolling

More About Nickita - The Creator of When Push Comes To Shove

Watch Nickita's interview with Mark Attwood - her journey, her vision and why she started The Childbirth Revolution


Please make sure you provide

Your address so we can post your welcome back - 'Am I Allowed'- by Beverely Beech (essential reading for course) plus merchandise

Your phone number so we can add you to the Doula Chat Group

Email address so we can keep you posted with any potential changes or updates to the course

After purchasing this course you will then be able to download

Your Pre-course module (please don't worry if you don't know the answers, it is just to familiarise yourself with course content)

Recommended reading/study

Payment plans are avaialble - Please email to book with a payment plan

If you need any more information, please don't hesitate to call




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Human Rights In Childbirth

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